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    Get Support in Germany – What's the Secret

    br mv

      Hello everybody with same issues - but better results!
      Hi there, contributor's team!

      Since a few wweks I'm trying to get any support for purchaising and beeing trained on ADOBE CAMPAIGN for a few people within my agency.
      Now there's just the little problem, that:

      » The german sales hotline +49 89 317 05 428 isn't the correct one (It's for the Creative Cloud)
      » If I'm using a different hotline and trying to get forwarded to somebody responsible, I got HUNG UP (severeal times)
      » The request sent in via Email forms don't get answered
      » Certified Training Centers weren't trained for this product yet

      Is there any trick, any hint, any secret I don't know to get me somebody who's selling the product to me? To figure out which product - or maybe which bundle is appropriate for my needs?
      We're in trouble to feed the clients' needs ASAP.

      Thanks for anybody with a clue!

      Have a wonderful day.

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        Rahsing Level 4

        Hi Birte

        You can reach support by calling them on 1-800-497-0335 or at clientcare@adobe.com

        Kind Regards