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    Choosing multiple FLVs from a single SWF file


      I'm an actionscript newbie and have a question concerning selecting on-demand FLVs from a single SWF file.

      Basically we have a large amount of FLV files on our flash media server and would like to access them through one SWF file (the user would enter their last name through a text field to play the related FLV):

      - My current SWF file is currently playing a single FLV through the stock video component (actionscript 2), and the component's contentPath is fixed to a static RTMP address.

      - Could anyone recommend the simplest way to inject a user's response/variable (from a text-field) into the 'contentPath' parameter?

      - Billy
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          clbeech Level 3
          depending on how you have the file names set up, you should be able to do just that - grab the text string from the input field and concatenate it into the relevant path string and reload the FLVplayback component. OR if the input is not part of the address string - you could store the correct strings (paths) in Objects that also contain a property that mirrors the user input - then iterate through an array of objects checking that property until you find the match and then use a 'path' property of the same object to load the contentPath.