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    firing both fid and vid


      Hi everyone,

      We recently implemented Adobe Analytics for a client and am currently testing tag implementation for them. Strangely i see both vid and fid firing for them. As far as i know , if the visitor id cookie is rejected, the code sets a first party cookie(fallback visitor identification method) using the site’s current domain known as the FID. Not sure why both are firing! Any thoughts?


      P.S - we have implemented visitor stitching for this client- cross device tracking.

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        bbythewa Adobe Employee

        Let me add really quickly that if you are using the visitorID service, you may not see fid on the tracking call.  Meaning if analyticsVisitorID (aid) or marketingCloudVisitorID (mid) is set and present on the tracking call, you should not be seeing fid.  Otherwise, you should see fid on every tracking call.