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    Deceptive marketing-- I want out!

    AnthonyK Level 1

      I received an email that led to this link from Adobe Target: 

      http://offers.adobe.com/en/na/marketing/landings/_50825_2014_digital_marketing_optimizatio n_survey_results_pp.html?s_rtid=70114000002JG3SAAW&s_iid=70114000002JA1cAAG&sfid=003140000 2BQRSkAAP

      It allows you to uncheck all the opt-ins for sharing your information.  Great. I unchecked them.  However, as soon as you click the submit button, it auto-rechecks the ones you unchecked.  So you're really not able to opt out of sharing your information.

      I was auto-enrolled in the following even though I unchecked these things:

      "I agree that these service providers and third parties located outside of Korea may receive my personal information"

      "I agree that Adobe may provide my personal information to Adobe’s service providers"

       "I agree to the collection and use of my personal information"

      I want to dis-enroll from all this information sharing but can't figure out how to do it. The link forces you to opt-in but doesn't tell you how to get out.

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        AnthonyK Level 1

        Thanks for that info.  Hopefully I have completed the opt-out procedure correctly. 

        That website is still deceptive in that it creates an auto-opt-in by auto-checking those boxes when you click the "Submit" button.  There's no way to successfully uncheck those boxes and have them stay unchecked if you hit the submit button.