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    air.swf getApplicationVersion() not calling back

    triq200 Level 1
      I am trying to use air.swf from http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/browserapi per the Adobe documentation to detect if an air application is already installed. I'm using getApplicationVersion but the callback function is never called. launchApplication() and installApplication() work fine.
      The code looks like this:

      _air.getApplicationVersion(appID, pubID, versionDetectCallback);
      function versionDetectCallback(version:String):void { do stuff }

      VersionDetectCallback() is never called. I de-compiled the air.swf and ran the code directly to try and figure out what's failing. But I get the same result. I can see the timer on the LocalConnection endpoint timing out after 5 seconds. I just can't figure out why the appinstaller is not calling back. The actual call (taken from the decompiled swf) looks like this:

      airappinstaller = new ProductManager("airappinstaller");
      var launchArgs:Array;
      launchArgs = ["-isinstalled", appID, pubID, "adobe.com" + ":" + lcName, "onApplicationVersion"];
      airappinstaller.launch(launchArgs.join(" "));

      where onApplicationVersion is the endpoint callback function and lcName is the LocalConnection name.

      It doesn't matter if I make the call from the Loader Init event or in a button click the callback function is never called. I am using Flash CS3.

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          I had the same problem. Double check your appID's and pubID's match up. In my air configuration, the id's were correct and were tracing out correct but when I actually opened up the air app to check them, they were different. Open up your air app to make sure.
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            triq200 Level 1
            Thanks. I checked the appid and pubid and they seem to be correct. I looked in the META-INF\AIR folder for the installed app to double-check. Also launchApplication works correctly with these ids so I assume that means they must be ok at some level.
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              I would like to ask if you overcome this problem, and how, coz i am facing it too



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                Yes I am having the same problem - and its doing my scragbox in.  I have followed the tutorials but same problem for me - Has anyone found a solution? 

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                  lisachao Adobe Employee

                  Are you on windows by any chance?  Can you try the following work arounds:


                  1) Set up a timer (10 sec or so) and take action if the timer fires without the callback having gotten called.

                  2) Getting a new AIR.SWF object for each call to getApplicationVersion()

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                    bobbybeag Level 1

                    Hi Lisa,


                    I am on windows yes,  and I seem to have got it working.  I found this problem to be very perculiar as there were many things my badge didnt like - such as a case statement instead of a load if if's.   anyway my solution is below,  although I must say, that now nothing happens if the user doesnt have air installed!  If they have Air installed but not my application, it will install my app but the need air installed first and that is not ideal!


                    Maybe implementing your timer solution may help this?  Thanks for taking an interest!


                    private var _toDo:String;


                    private function onInit(e:Event):void
                                _air = e.target.content;
                                  _air.getApplicationVersion(_applicationID, _publisherID, versionDetectCallback);
                                catch (e:Error)
                                  trace('air not installed');
                                   root.statusMessage.text = 'Adobe Air not installed'
                                   _toDo = new String("installAir")


                    private function versionDetectCallback(version:String):void
                                if (version == null)
                                   trace('app not installed');
                                   root.statusMessage.text = 'Coach Player not installed'
                                   _toDo = new String("installApp")
                                   trace('app version ' + version + ' installed');
                                   root.statusMessage.text = 'Application version ' + version + ' installed'
                                   _toDo = new String("launchApp")



                    private function onButtonClicked(e:Event):void

                       root.statusMessage.htmlText = "onButtonClicked"
                       if(_toDo == "installAir"){installAir()}
                       if(_toDo == "installApp"){installApp()}
                       if(_toDo == "launchApp"){launchApp()}


                      protected function installAir():void
                       root.statusMessage.text = 'Installing Adobe Air';
                       _air.installApplication( _appURL, _airVersion, _arguments );
                       //root.statusMessage.text = _appURL+" | "+ _airVersion+" | "+ _arguments


                      protected function installApp():void
                       root.statusMessage.text = 'Installing Coach Player';
                       _air.installApplication( _appURL, _airVersion, _arguments );
                       //root.statusMessage.text = _appURL+" | "+ _airVersion+" | "+ _arguments

                      protected function launchApp():void
                       root.statusMessage.text = 'Launching Coach Player';
                       _air.launchApplication(_applicationID, _publisherID, _arguments);
                       //root.statusMessage.text =  _applicationID+" | "+ _publisherID+" | "+ _arguments;
                       //root.statusMessage.text = _arguments;

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                      lisachao Adobe Employee

                      Yes, please try the timer and let me know if that works or not.


                      Also, try this for function onInit :


                      private function onInit(e:Event):void {
                          _air = e.target.content;
                          switch (_air.getStatus()) {
                              case "available" :
                                      root.statusMessage.htmlText = "<p align='center'><font color='#"
                                              + _messageColor + "'>In order to run this application, "
                                              + "this installer will also set up Adobe® AIR™.</font></p>";     
                                  _toDo = new String("installAir");