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    Device type reporting

    Harty_d Level 1


      I have a query regarding the Device Type that Adobe uses in particular to Mobile Devices.

      Is there an understanding or documented mapping that exists as to what device correlates to the values seen in that report?

      For example what is 'iPhone6,2' I've got substantial traffic going to this device and unless i'm mistaken it's not released yet.



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        Rahsing Level 4

        Hi David,

        The iphone 6,2 is essentially indicating a particular model of the 5s (5s global) series. I can understand that this a little confusing.

        I believe this should help: http://microsite.omniture.com/t2/help/en_US/sc/appmeasurement/ios/index.html#iOS_Device_Ve rsions

        Let me know if this helps.

        Kind Regards