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    dynamic datagrid

      i would like to have a sticky first row with combobox for a dynamic(column) datagrid. can any one suggest me how to accomplish this?
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          -Hob Level 1
          Depends what you're doing with the combobox. We use a combobox for doing row filtering in our datagrids. We don't create a sticky first row though...we extend AdvanedDataGridHeader and include the combobox as part of the column header.

          If you really want it as a grid row, however, what I would do is extend whatever class you're using as your grid's dataProvider, and override the addItem, addItemAt, removeItem, etc., methods so that they never remove the sticky row from the dataProvider. Then you can use the grid's rendererProviders property to create specific renderers for that row.
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            sharp16 Level 1
            thank you