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    Product Comparison Tracking


      The title says most of it, we have a site where the user can compare multiple products at once.  We'd like to be able to track what products were being compared to each other.  I tried setting it up so we have a custom event "compare" and then set the product variable to have each of the products being compared.  The problem now is how can we report on this? I can see overall here were the products that were compared, but cannot report on "Product 1 was compared with Product 2" which is the data we really need.  Any suggestions?



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        Sameer Khaladkar Level 1


        Instead of having individual product variable, you can set all products in same variable (E.g. Auto|Motorcycle|Home|Renters) along with "Compare" event.

        Then generate a event report and corelate it with the product variable.

        Hope that works out.