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    iOS no Lifecyle Data in Mobile App Overview

    peter_schumacher Level 1


      i am currently implementing the iOS SDK 4.x into our App. At the moment we use a self build library.

      All the Hits in Bloodhound look correct and are exactly like the old ones (with the exception of the contextData of course)

      The Problems is i don't see any Lifecyle Data in the Mobile App Overview of our Test Report Suit.

      There are no processing rules set yet but i i understood correctly thats not necessary for the Lifecycle Data.

      Is there anything i could have forgotten?

      Here is my ADBMobileConfig.json:

      { "version" : "1.0", "analytics" : { "rsids" : "#ourSuit#", "server" : "#ourServer#", "charset" : "UTF-8", "ssl" : false, "offlineEnabled" : true, "lifecycleTimeout" : 5, "batchLimit" : 50, "privacyDefault" : "optedin", "poi" : [] } }


      It Appears the Lifecycle Data has always the Value None.