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    DEMDEX and Audience Manager


      Yesterday morning when I tried to sign on to my home page, which is Fox News, I saw a headline on my screen reading, "You are being redirected to Demdex.com." It took me to an ad for Adobe Audience Manager. This morning I am still getting the same thing. I talked to Adobe tech support and they would not help because I had not bought an Adobe product. I can change my home page but any time I try to go to Fox News I am redirected to Audience Manager. I know Adobe has fine products but I have no need for Audience Manager. I thought this may be some sort of adware so I ran Malwarebytes but it did not find anything. Can someone please tell me how to deal with this problem? Thanks.

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        piratejabez Level 1

        Update: Deleting cookies didn't help, but clearing my cache did. Problem solved, for now!



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            piratejabez Level 1

            Hi Adobe,

            This started happening to me a few days ago; when I try to visit a page I visit regularly, it tells me I am being redirected to demdex.com, then takes me to http://www.adobe.com/products/audiencemanager.html . It only happens in Chrome, and does not happen in Incognito Mode. This is majorly interfering with my work. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a fix.


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              I had the same frustrating problem with Internet Explorer (version 9 and 10).  After a period of time it seemed to go away for awhile, and then it came back.  Deleting cookies did not seem to help.  Following the link on the Audience Manager page to change ad preferences did not help.  I needed to rebuild the computer anyway, to clean it up, and I have not had the problem for over a month since doing that.  Also since then, I have been using Firefox more, thinking there might be some vulnerability in MSIE that was being exploited.  Last night the problem started occurring in Firefox, but I can still get to Foxnews using MSIE.  I do have Acrobate Pro 11 running on the machine, and there are the addons in the browsers to convert web pages to pdf.  In the past, I also tried deactivating them, but that did not help either.

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                AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                Hi, Ralph.

                That definitely sounds frustrating, so we'll do what we can to help.

                It is unclear what is redirecting you from your home page to demdex.com, but my best guess without more information is that you have an extension/add-on for your web browser that is somehow malfunctioning and leading to this. Perhaps an ad blocker, pop-up blocker, or something similar.

                What web browser are you using when you see this issue?
                (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

                If you use a different web browser, do you still encounter the unexpected redirect?
                If not, then we may need to look at what add-ons you have installed in your primary browser, to identify which may be causing this.