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    Confused by the new solution names to the Marketing Cloud?

    Gigazelle Adobe Employee

      The following is a complete list of Marketing Cloud capability brands and their former product names:

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        Hi Gigazelle, thank you for your post! 

        I have a question about Adobe Media Optimizer: I see here  that there is another capability called "Predictive modeling" that you have not mentioned.

        Is it a new feature or an old product with a new name?

        Thank you!


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            Gigazelle Adobe Employee

            Adobe® Analytics

            • Adobe SiteCatalyst → marketing reports & analytics
            • Adobe Discover → ad hoc analysis
            • Adobe Insight →  data workbench
            • Adobe Genesis → data connectors
            • Adobe DataWarehouse → data warehouse
            • Adobe TagManager → tag management
            • Adobe ReportBuilder → report builder (for Excel)

            Adobe® Experience Manager

            • Adobe CQ Web Management → web content management
            • Adobe Scene7 → dynamic media / personalized media / video
            • Adobe Marketing Campaign Management →  marketing campaign management
            • Adobe Social Communities → social communities
            • Adobe CQ Digital Asset Management → digital asset management
            • Adobe CQ Cloud Manager → cloud manager
            • Adobe CQ Mobile → mobile
            • Adobe CQ eCommerce → commerce
            • NEW → media publisher
            • LiveCycle Document Services add-ons for CQ → document services security add-ons

            Adobe® Media Optimizer

            • Adobe AdLens → advertising management
            • Adobe AudienceManager → audience management
            • Adobe Digital AdTargeting → audience targeted creative / ad serving and tracking
            • Professional Services → professional services

            Adobe® Target

            • Adobe Test&Target → A/B/N and multivariate testing / rules based targeting / geotargeting
            • Adobe Recommendations → recommendations and cross-selling
            • Adobe Search&Promote → site search and merchandising / dynamic navigation
            • Adobe Test&Target 1:1 → automated decisioning and targeting

            Adobe® Social

            • Adobe Social → social account management and governance / listening and moderation / publishing and integrated ads / application builder / engagement reports and predictive insights
            • Adobe SiteCatalyst → social campaigns and ROI

            Additional notes:

            • Proper wording for the above are solutions and capabilities. For example, Adobe Analytics is a solution, and marketing reports & analytics is a capability within that solution.
            • Capabilities are always lowercase; they are usually used when the solution is not descriptive enough.