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    SecurtyError sandbox violation

      SecurityError: Error #2149: Security sandbox violation: file://XXXX\Hello.swf cannot make fscommand calls to <unknown> (allowScriptAccess is ).
      at FSCommand$/_fscommand()
      at global/flash.system::fscommand()

      I have a swf movie (from Flex) and when calls to fscommand this error appears.
      This movie is inside a FlashPlanel (JFlashPlayer library) inside a JApplet.
      Only happens with IE, with Firefox it works ok:
      - In IE 6 the error doesn't happen, but the applet does'n receive fscommand.
      - In IE7 this error appears.
      - In Firefox works fine and the applet receive the fscommand correctly

      I tried to put inside a webserver, locally, signing the jar, grant allpermission to applet, with System.allowDomain("*") and i don't know how to solve it.