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    Hiding objects outside of artboard


      So I'm submitting SWF files to a client. They are playing these SWF thru their internet browser. That's just how they do it, I have no control. So... they see the stuff outside of the document boundaires. So if my doc was 981x300 and they view it, they'll see the junk outside the boundaries of 981x300. The final file is being placed in a webpage so that isn't the problem, and hiding the stuff outside is not important for that function. So what I've been doing is putting a white matte around everything on the top layer, pain in the butt.... is there another solution?
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          C-Rock Level 2
          just keep them off the stage until you need them. you won't need to actually hide them because the user won't see them if they are off of the stage.

          if you're doing that and you still see them in the html page, check the settings so that they aren't 100% width or height. Make the flash object h and w the same as your movie. Then those object will be hidden
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            skoolyb Level 1
            I hear ya. I'm aware of that. When you export a SWF file and view it in your browser, the boundaries are not cut off... I've heard people suggest applying a mask at the root level.