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    Flash CS3 with older flash files

      Im having problems using flash to make files that play other swf files that used to work just fine...
      Problem 1:
      What i have are swf files that are a preloader that loads another swf file into it. They play fine until i try to put them into an html page. This is how they have been all along, in an html page and they worked. somehow now the swf file (the preloader that loads the swf) wont play, its just white. (example of this is on the following page at the bottom left click the face with the sunglasses on it http://www.christykarpinski.com/videos/myeyes.html )
      Problem 2:?
      I tried making new preloader files with the same template i had been using before but with newly made swf files being loaded into it and it wont play at all.

      So I tried getting a new preloader file (found a template online) and used this but this just gets me to where i was in problem 1. they work but not once i put them in the html page.
      Problem 3:
      I have tried making new flash files with the new preloader loading up an old swf file and it wont play properly. (here on this page click the second little square in and then your suppose to be able to click three more times and get different pictures-this used to work - http://www.christykarpinski.com/videos/myeyes2.html)

      but if i make it load up a new swf file it works fine (except as noted above, not when i put it in an html page)

      I guess Im wondering if all this has to do with using CS3 now and the older files being made on CS (or it may have even been MX i cant remember now)? any clue at all would be great. any ideas what i can do?

      im sure ive left something out, its a bit overwhelming trying to keep it all straight. and frustrating