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    ScrollPane scrollbar won't update

    eLearningDave Level 2

      Problem: Using ScrollPane to scroll a movieclip vertically. Works perfectly. Then using buttons to "jump" to sections within the ScrollPane using (e.g.: my_sp._y = 200). This works just fine. Problem is I can't get the scrollbar within the ScrollPane to update it's position.

      I've looked everywhere on the web, this forum, many others, Flash's help, google, etc...and can't seem to find the answer. I did try using my_sp.invalidate(); to refresh the ScrollPane, which it does, but it just jumps the moviclip in the scrollpane back to x=0, y=0. I don't want it to reset the whole thing, just the scrollbar to the movieclip's vertical position. Anyone have an idea what's missing here?

      Much appreciated.