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    Flex remote call from http to https

    forloop Level 1
      I know this issue has popped up several times, but I have tried a multitude of things to get this fixed.

      I have a flex client running on a non-secure (http) server. It is making HTTPService calls to Servlets on a secure (https) server. I have tried all types of variants in the crossdomain.xml file, but the error still persists:

      Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://localhost:8081/MainShell.swf cannot load data from https://localhost:443/ReasonRequiredServlet

      Note that this happens both locally and when deployed to a test server. Can flex make service calls from http client to an https service?

      My crossdomain.xml file is in the application root ( http://localhost:8081/crossdomain.xml). Is it possible that flash is not picking up the file? How can I tell if it is not?

      Any help appreciated. Thanks.