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    altering video playback speed using stage.framerate

    tomfoo Level 1
      Hi All,

      I'm trying to programatically change the speed at which an flv file plays, eg. so I can do slow-motion, or fast-motion video.

      From what I have read, I think I should be using stage.framerate = x, but I cannot get this to work.
      I think I might be missing something very obvious (I am new to flex / flash) so please feel free to test the obvious.
      I have included below the flashlog output, and attached the single .as file.

      The behavior that I would expect (and that I want) from this is for the video to play at ~4x speed.
      The observed behavior is that it plays at normal speed.
      I have also tried 'vid.stage.framerate = 100'

      What am I doing wrong?


      tom saffell

      flashlog output

      Error #2095: flash.net.NetStream was unable to invoke callback onMetaData.