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    Am I remotely close?

      I am attempting to do login in sequence to see if the user successfully logged in and if so, setting a couple varibles as well as turn on and off some visual elements. I am sure I am misusing the e.result, but in CF I would check to see if there is a RecordCount > 0 to see if they passed the login (selected a user record based on username and password). I don't know the equal in AS3. Help.

      private function loginHandler(e:ResultEvent):void {
      if (e.result) {
      username = e.result.username;
      role = e.result.role;
      userLogin.visible = false;
      mainApplication.visible = true;

      if (e.result.role == 'Admin') {
      usersLink.visible = true;
      projectReports.visible = true;

      Alert.show("Incorrect username and/or password. Please try again", "Login Error");