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    SPA & Adobe Target Implementation


      We have a client where we need to deploy Target across their Angular UI-router SPA.


      We’re struggling on setting this up on our sandbox to test the deployment, we’ve added a demo Angular site https://yamahaclub.com/angular-test/ to set Target up on before we start the client work.


       The Adobe documentation isn’t consistent, one says you need a manual mbox one doesn’t. 

      1.       https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions/wiki/Angular-UIRouter 
      2.       http://adobe-marketing-cloud.github.io/target-sdk-libraries/demos/examples/angular/state_c hange_demo.html#/view1


      One of the guidelines say to use at.js without the auto-created mbox but doesn’t say why, can we not use the auto mbox at all?

      If the site has a static component and an SPA, do we need to change the tool instance to use a manually configured mbox?

      Do we need to manually create a DTM rule with the ‘adobe.target.ext.angular.initStates’ for every app and module in the SPA we want to test or are we able to somehow have a global one?

      Also will this work for SPAs where the URL doesn’t change or have fragments.