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    Flash Player and color management

      Anyone can explain how a Flash Player (ver. 9) handles color managed JPEGs (tagged with sRGB) in a slideshow. I am getting pretty significant shifts in color and cannot explain it why. When the images are viewed in a color managed browser, all is fine and correct. The moment I let them run in an swf object, all is messed up.

      Generally, I've read that FP is not color managed (I've heard that 10 is, but the slideshow component currently wouldn't take advantage of it probably anyways), but I am interested to learn how does Flash treats images with sRGB (does it strip the profile, disregards it altogether) and what supercedes what. Flash inability to color manage ot browser's ability to manage anything running in its window?

      You can view the example here:
      Incorrect colors

      Correct colors