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    Introduce Yourself!

    ParitMittal Level 5

      Hi Everyone,

      We are happy to have you on the Adobe Target Community!

      Feel free to introduce yourself on this thread and connect to other members of the community as well. Here goes mine:

      I am Parit working as a Community Manger for Adobe Target  & DTM and have been with Adobe for the past 15 months now. I come from Digital Analytics and Marketing background and has a rich experience of 3 years in Digital Marketing and Analytics background. I have worked on different analytics reporting and implementation tools like Adobe Analytics  , Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager & Adobe Target . I am an Adobe certified Analytics Business Practitioner & Adobe Certifed Analytics Developer. I love to ride my bike and explore new places.

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          ParitMittal Level 5

          Welcome to The Target Community Rohit !!!!.

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            Amelia Waliany Adobe Employee

            Hi Forum Members,


            My name is Amelia Waliany and I am new to Adobe on the Adobe Target team as a Content and Community Specialist. My background is in product implementation and documentation. I’m thrilled to be here, and look forward to learning more about customers’ favorite Target features and how they use them to solve different business objectives. 


            Excited to connect with everyone here!

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              Jason Hickey Adobe Employee

              Hi all!


              Jason Hickey here. Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Target. I help bring Target to you and communicate about what we're doing with the world!  I've been working w/ Adobe Target for about 9 years - first as a customer of Adobe, then as a consultant, and now on the product team.  

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                Hi, Adam Weisman here, Senior Solutions Consultant based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I focus on Analytics and Target and always want to learn more, expand my knowledge of customer use cases and success stories. 

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                  Amit_Kumar Level 4

                  Thanks Parit  for the invitation!

                  I am Amit working as a Senior Consultant for Adobe marketing cloud products.

                  Over couple of last years, I have developed my  experience in AEM, Campaign, Target, Analytics, DTM, Search and promote, and Audience Manager. I am an Adobe certified AEM 6.0 Developer, Adobe Certified Campaign Developer and Analytics developer. I am working with Adobe marketing products since 2011 and I love to spend my time learning about AI and digital marketing technologies. Gained some experience around predictive modeling.

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                    ParitMittal Level 5

                    Welcome to the Community Amit. Since you have using Adobe Marketing Products form quite a long time , Please feel free to share your user stories on the same

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                      I'm Eric and I'm the optimization and personalization expert at the National Bank of Canada.  I've been a full stack web programmer for 15 years and now on the marketing side since 2014.  My main Adobe tool is Target.  I'm in charge of developing and continuously upgrading our testing and personalization process, seek exectutive buy-in, integrate the tests (technical or not) and report the insights to stakeholders.

                      My goal with this community is to help others reach a good level of understanding of this product by sharing my knowledge.  I'm also interested in learning more from others in order to be more efficient and to get some cues on how to change the culture of a big company to be more data-driven, everyday.

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                        Sukrity Wadhwa Adobe Employee

                        Hi Everyone,

                        I am Sukrity and I am the Community Moderator for Adobe Marketing Cloud Communities and forums. I hail from a content marketing background in Adobe. An avid reader, a sketcher, food blogger at will - all rolled into one! :) 

                        Looking forward to getting to know other community members here!


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                          bkmills1 Level 1


                          My name is Brion. I'm a Software Engineer/UI Dev at IHG, working with the Testing & Optimization program.

                          I look forward to learning from, and sharing with others in the community.


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                            kautuksahni Adobe Employee

                            I, Kautuk, am working as a Community Manager for AEM and I have been with Adobe for almost 5 years now. I have also worked on DTM and Adobe Target. I started my career in Adobe as a Software Engineer. Apart from being a Community Manager, I am also a Sports enthusiast and love to play tennis. My other interests include cooking and trying new cuisines. So, if you have any great recipes feel free to share! Looking forward to knowing you here, on the community!

                            Thanks and Regards
                            Kautuk Sahni

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                              TanmayM Adobe Employee

                              I am Tanmay  working as a Community Manger for Adobe Analytics & Media Optimizer and have been with Adobe for the past 2 years now. I hold a MBA degree in Marketing and engineering degree in Electronics. Also, I am an Automobile Enthusiast and love to talk anything and everything related to Cars. I have authored case studies and articles on the automotive industry for a handful of publications and magazines. Also maintaining a Facebook page on cars. Apart from that I would usually spend time watching a TV series or gaming on my PC. I am a Call of Duty and Need for Speed fan. :)

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                                michael van stan Level 1

                                Hi Everyone!


                                I'm really excited to start seeing some community driven projects - I'm hoping we get more people talking and engaging with each other!


                                I'm Mike, I'm a Senior Site Performance Specialist for a Home Decor Retailer.


                                I've been using Adobe Target, Optimizely and Google optimize for around 3 years now - have had some HUGE successes with testing and recommendations, totally love the product!


                                If anyone wants to chat around testing or success stories.

                                Just drop me a message!

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                                  Jason Hickey Adobe Employee


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                                    Hi Everyone,



                                    I'm hoping to get more ideas and help on setting up tests. My name is Craig Battaglino and i'm a a Senior Web Analyst at Brooks Brothers. I've been using Adobe for close to 20 years and utilizing target sparingly but a very powerful tool once used correctly.


                                    Feel free to connect with me for any ideas on testing.





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                                      xbarcelona Level 1

                                      Hi Everyone


                                      I'm Nicolas.

                                      I've gathered over 15 years of experiences in digital and have previously worked as Interactive Marketing Manager at eCommerce service provider GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprise). After that I joined Omniture (now Adobe) in the role of Team Lead Test&Target EMEA. During the acquisition by Adobe, I had the opportunity to join Adobe Training Services as a Corporate Trainer & Senior Consultant for all Omniture powered solutions as well as Adobe Scene7. In 2012, I joined Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, as senior digital strategist and business owner Adobe Experience Cloud. At Swisscom we use Analytics, Target, AEM, Audience Manager, Scene7 and Campaign as well as other non-Adobe Tools.


                                      Besides all this, I'm also the creator of the free (anti)-App "Flamboyant Flowers" which displays a beautiful flower photograph on any Android smartphone every day. Check it out at: - It's free flowerporn at it's best ;-)

                                      I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.


                                      Looking forward to connect with you all



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                                        michael van stan Level 1

                                        Hey Craigb!


                                        Typically how I look at things is:


                                        • Get access to analytics (If possible)
                                        • Get link to said page
                                        • Review and make suggestions/recommendations
                                        • Develop A/B test(s)
                                        • Review analytics and next steps



                                        Depending on the speed and attention to detail you would like - I would recommend posting a link/screen shots here of what you are dealing with and what you are trying to achieve so we can help, but you can also check out some freelancers that specialize in exactly this. I have quite a lot of experience doing his and would be happy to peek and make some suggestions (As a community member) : )


                                        If you ever go down a freelance path - checkout upwork - it's been pretty great for anything A/B testing for me so far!


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                                          michael van stan Level 1

                                          Thank you Jason!


                                          Happy to be here ^_^

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                                            ParitMittal Level 5

                                            Welcome to Adobe Target Community .


                                            We would love to hear your success stories . Please share them here : Share your Adobe Target Blogs ,Articles ,Use Cases & Experience Stories

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                                              ParitMittal Level 5

                                              Welcome to Adobe Target Community .

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                                                ParitMittal Level 5

                                                Welcome to Adobe Target Community .

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                                                  ryans72649031 Level 1

                                                  Hello! My name is Ryan Swarts. I'm a user experience lead at a major car rental company and I run our testing and optimization program.

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                                                    Hello Everyone,


                                                    I am Arpan, currently working for a global services company in Digital Analytics. I am new to adobe's ecosystem having worked only on Google's Analytics, Tag Management & related products for 3 years. 
                                                    I have also worked as a Business Analyst/System Analyst for 5+ years in various domains like Automobiles, E-Learning, TeleCommuication, Ecommerce. I do harbour interest in Cognitive Services, Machine Intelligence/Learning, Wearables & IoT. Enjoy reading about the latest in technology. Looking forward to learning new things from the community experts here at Adobe.

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                                                      ParitMittal Level 5

                                                      @arpan_b  @ryans72649031 Welcome to Adobe Target Community

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                                                        raphael.nottebohm Level 1

                                                        Hi Parit, I'm Raphael. I work for a bank in Perth, Australia. I started to use Omniture in 2007, so a good 10 years managing implementation, data analysis and experimentation. I deployed Target Classic in 2014 and we're about to migrate to Premium!

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                                                          Hey everyone,


                                                          My name is Meg and I head up the Optimisation Program for Xero from Melbourne, Australia. I've previously worked in Financial Services and Utilities using Adobe products. I've been using Adobe Analytics since 2007 and have been using Adobe Target since 2009, Adobe Experience Manager since 2010 and finally Audience Manager in 2017!


                                                          I'm thrilled to be here and looking forward to learning as much as I can. I feel with in the space you can always be learning and sharing!

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                                                            Hello everyone,


                                                            My name is Chad Sanderson. A formula Testing consultant and now Head of the Experience Optimization program for Subway Restaurants based in Connecticut. I am very interested in getting to know the statistics behind Target (specifically automated personalization and MVT) Would it be best to post on this board or is there a contact I could reach out to with questions?



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                                                              ParitMittal Level 5

                                                              Hi Chad,


                                                              Welcome to Adobe Target Community. You can definitely post your questions on Adobe target community.

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                                                                Hi! My name is Peggy Waite. I work for Sprint as the Sales Channel Optimization Lead. Sprint started using Target with Classic quite a few years ago - and now we are in the deep end with Premium, running recs and testing. We have taken a run at AP and I am anxious to get that started again. We are starting to really ramp up our product integration and I'm excited to learn from everyone - especially those that have the AEM/Target cloud integration up and running. Thanks!

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                                                                  Target_Nic Adobe Employee

                                                                  Peggy, welcome to the community!

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                                                                    mravlich Level 1

                                                                    Hello, I am excited to join the community. My name Is Matt Ravlich and I am a Digital Advisor for WestJet Airlines. I have been working with Adobe Target and Analytics for the past four years and I am looking forward to learning more through this forum.

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                                                                      Amelia Waliany Adobe Employee

                                                                      Hi Matt, welcome to the Adobe Target Community! Feel free to post any best practices/ tips that you've gathered thus far in your use of Adobe Target In the meantime, we're always here to run questions by - feel free to reach out if you ever have any!




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                                                                        Hey Jason;

                                                                        I'm Robert Jones, recent college grad. Im getting ready to take the Adobe target practitioner certification. Can you advise me on what to study for the test

                                                                        • 33. Re: Introduce Yourself!
                                                                          Amelia Waliany Adobe Employee

                                                                          Hi Robert! Here are some quick links to get started:


                                                                          1. Introducing Adobe Target Certification

                                                                          2. Target Business Practitioner Exam Guide

                                                                          3. This blogpost has a lot of helpful tips and advice

                                                                          4. Email if you have more questions


                                                                          Hope this is helpful!




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                                                                            tirumalac26002557 Level 1

                                                                            Hi All,


                                                                            Myself is Tirumal and i am working as Senior Account manager. I have been using Adobe Analytics reporting for the past 5 years and started working on implementation from last year.


                                                                            Meanwhile we are doing Target implementation for various clients and looking forward to learn from community.




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                                                                              Amelia Waliany Adobe Employee

                                                                              Hi Tirumal, welcome to the Adobe Target Community! Feel free to share any best practices/ tips that you've gathered thus far in your use of Adobe Analytics for reporting in Target.


                                                                              Here are some resources to get you started with your clients' implementations, if you haven't come across them already:



                                                                              See you in the forum!




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                                                                                tirumalac26002557 Level 1

                                                                                Hi Amelia,


                                                                                Thanks for the details. Looking forward to share and gain knowledge from forum .




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                                                                                  tonyp71327537 Level 1

                                                                                  Hi All,


                                                                                  My name is Tony Pleace and I work in a Personalisation Team at Telstra, a large Telco in Australia. I have been actively using Target, Audience Manager and Analytics for the past 2 years.


                                                                                  I have just stumbled on this community and I am looking to connect with people using the Adobe Marketing Suite tools.


                                                                                  Looking forward to connecting with you all on the use of the platform.




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                                                                                    YogitaBist Level 1

                                                                                    Hi All,


                                                                                    My name is Yogita.


                                                                                    I work on website optimization and currently leveraging Adobe target tool to execute personalization, A/B Tests and re-targeting activities.


                                                                                    I look am looking forward to learn, connect with members and seek answers .




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                                                                                      Target_Nic Adobe Employee

                                                                                      Hello everyone,


                                                                                      My name is Nic, and I am one of the product marketing managers for Adobe Target. I started as an MBA intern in 2015 summer and rejoined the team in 2016. I love this team and product a lot and look forward to meeting each of you soon.




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