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    Best option for building an A/B test using HTML?



      I'm trying to run an A/B test. I have multiple changes in my test page so rather than use the WYSIWYG tool to create my test page  I'm going to build the page in HTML and I want to find a way of pushing this HTML code for my test page live in Target. 

      I've been looking at the help topics and I'm not sure of the best option to use. I'm not sure the code editor gives me what I need, is there another option?

      Can anyone provide some guidance here?

      Many thanks.

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          Løjmann Level 3


          Are you more or less rebuilding the page tested, then I would create the new page in your CMS and then create a redirect-offer as experience B in Target. Rebuilding a full page or large part of your structure in Target isn't recommended, too many things can go wrong...

          If it is minor changes, you could consider to use the custom code editor, and write CSS/JS to make your changes.