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    How to prioritize more than 3 Activities on one mbox

    simonrumiusb Level 1


      Currently there is a slider to set a high, medium or low priority to an Activity, so if you have 3 different Activities that you might serve on a particular mbox, you can easily prioritize which Activity they will see.

      However what if you have 20 Activities? It seems like the only option is to set up a series of Rules like this:

      Activity A - Rule = people on list A

      Activity B - Rules = people on list B but not on list A

      Activity C - Rules = people on list C but not on list A and not on list B

      ...as the list gets longer and the qualification for each Activity isn't as simple as "people on list X" it becomes very susceptible to human error. We maintain a spreadsheet and have to have 2 people check as we add and remove Campaigns (currently using Target Classic), and there are still mistakes made every so often.

      So I think this is effectively a feature request (unless there's something we can do that we haven't thought about?) - I'd like the Priority setting for Activities not to be a fixed set of 3 options, but allow me to put in an arbitrary integer. For example I might do this:

      Activity A - Priority = 100

      Activity B - Priority = 200

       ...then if I have a new Activity C to add, that needs to be above B but below A I could do this:

      Activity A - Priority = 100

      Activity C - Priority = 150

      Activity B - Priority = 200