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    Recommendations not showing content

    Frank Breen

      I created a CSV feed and have a entity.id, entity.name, entity.message  for each item along with adding my entity.pageUrl (setting this to the absolute URL of my pages), I created a Design and set my Criteria. I then created a Recommendation activity and set it up with a Design, Criteria and Collection, all is displaying as expected in Edit mode, but when I launch it, no recommendations show and if I use mboxTrace, I get the following message at the bottom of the output:

        "response" : {
          "node" : "re1.prod26",
          "status" : {
            "code" : "NO_CONTENT",
            "details" : ""

      It seems like my URL's in my CSV file are not matching the URL's being stored by Adobe, my questions are:

      How do I check what URL Adobe is storing via my mbox (I'm using at.js v0.9.3)?
      Do I need some type of customisation to record my URL for each page via my mbox?