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    Data Layer - Custom conversion tracking

    chrisw78940856 Level 1

      Hi, potentially very niche conversion tracking logic below:

      We have a series of actions on our secure site which do not trigger a confirmation page on a uniquely identifiable URL. Instead, the visitor is taken back to the account overview page, and shown a 'Successful transaction' type message (within a div).

      The confirmation message is the only evidence of the conversion, and appears only when a transaction is completed on the previous page. The div is removed from the HTML after a couple seconds (not just hidden, gone entirely).

      Ideally we'd create an Mbox on this div, but my concern is that it is removed from the page. Clearly we can't add/change content in this case, but would a 'viewed mbox' conversion still trigger?

      We currently capture the success metric via Google Tag Manager passing a success event in to the data layer. Is there any way that Target could capture this metric in a similar way? Could we, for example, pass a temporary parameter in to an existing mbox, and track views of it when the parameter is present? Could we still capture revenue amounts like this?

      Happy to provide more details if this isn't clear.

      Thanks in advance for any help!