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    AEM - Adobe Target Integration Issue



      I'd like to integrate AEM with Adobe Target to apply personalization for our content.  But I face an issue in connection to Adobe Target. 

      • Client code : I obtain this client code value from Adobe Target Dashboard > Implementation > Edit mbox settings > Client Code and make sure it's exact value.
      • Email/Password : I fill up these fields Adobe ID account's email and password value.

      I click on the "Connect to Adobe Target" button and got an error like "Invalid Email and Password supplied". My questions is where can I get that account so that I could connect to Adobe Target from AEM successfully ? 

       (*) Note that I can successfully access to Adobe Target in the Adobe Marketing Cloud web interface by this Adobe ID account.

      Thanks in advance

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          ParitMittal Level 5

          Hi  khoa,

          Target actually have 2 versions: one is Test & Target (we called Target Classic), the other is Target Standard. You are able to access Target with your Adobe ID, that is to the Target Standard; In your AEM integration experiment, that is to Target Classic which don’t support Adobe ID authentication.  In order to make your AEM integration success, You need to provide Adobe Target Classic  email address and password.

          To access Adobe target Classic , you  need to have Target classic credentials which can be created raising a client care request.

          If you are a supported user for your company account you can contact Customer Care. To contact Customer Care by telephone, call 1-800-497-0335. Toll free numbers outside the United States can be found on the Adobe Digital Marketing Customer Care Regional Phone Numbers page (https://helpx.adobe.com/contact/dma-external/DMACustomeCareRegionalPhoneNumbers.html). When asked to select an option for your product, press 3 to contact the Target team.

          E-mail Customer Care at tt-support@adobe.com.

          Please Note: If you are not a supported user for your account please reach out to account manager for your account.

          Thanks & Regards

          Parit Mittal

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            khoan16352236 Level 1

            Hi Parit

            I will reach out to Target Support Team to get Target Classic credentials. By the way, I'm wondering that if I connect to Target classic via AEM, would it possible to display in Target Dashboard in cloud?

            Thanks for your support

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              ParitMittal Level 5

              HI Khoa,

              Most probably you won't be able to display Target Classic dashboard in Cloud. but you confirm the same from Care team once you reach out to them for access credentials.

              Thanks & regards

              Parit Mittal