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    Geo Targeting without setting cookie

    Simon Pilkowski Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I hope someone can help me with this question. 

      How can I achieve the following: 

      User - Geo Location => Austria 
      User - Referrer => Search Engine 

      If this user accesses a German Website from a Search Engine I would like to redirect the user to the Austrian website. 
      My problem is the that once a user is targeted he stays within this audience. 
      The problem I have is I don´t want to redirect this user if he comes to the German page directly or from another website. 

      I see two options I´m seeking the actual solution for:
      1. Can i get the geo location back from Adobe with my initial MBox Call? 
      2. Is there a possibility to target someone with a dedicated audience without adding him to this audience afterwards?


      Thank you very much in advance