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    Help with setting goal metrics in target

    mattf96384379 Level 1

      I am setting up my first campaign(s) in Target (formerly used Target Classic) and I am having some trouble setting goal metrics. I have a 50/50 test using a global mbox, and my goal needs to be when a specific page is visited. the issue I have is that my URL's are not fixed, for example:


      as opposed to 


      So I was trying to set a rule saying 

      Conversion > viewed a page > where URL contains > &curPage=paymentMonthly

      but I don't think this is working correctly (numbers are too high) - we have other pages in other implementations with the same &curPage parameters, so I suspect I may be tracking these as well??

      I guess I need to do something like:

      Conversion > viewed a page > where URL contains > https://pet1.johnlewis-insurance.com/quoteAndBuy.do? AND &curPage=paymentMonthly

      IS this possible? If not, can you suggest a workaround? I can't be the first with non-static URLs...

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          ParitMittal Level 5

          Hi ,

          It's not possible to add "AND"  operator in the URL contains condition . You can check Multiple URL condtions using "OR" operator only.  Hence We would suggest to add all the URL's in the URL Contains condition using "OR" operator like below

          Thanks & Regards

          Parit Mittal

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            rajneesh_gautam Level 1

            Hi there,

            Assuming you have global mbox on dynamic pages, you can select Conversion metric and then Viewed an Mbox where you can define an audience which qualifies for this success metric. While defining Audience, you can add AND based rules on Current Page URL contains. 

            Another solution is using A4T - Analytics for Target, though this will require you to upgrade Analytics version and add Marketing Cloud Visitor ID service on your site. I'll strongly recommend it as it takes away pain of setting up metrics beforehand and helps in getting single version of truth. 

            Hope this helps,