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    Excluding one A/B test's traffic from another A/B test


      Here's the scenario:

      Test 1 is on the main landing page. 

      I want to create a second test (Test 2) whose test page will be two pages farther into the funnel from Test 1.

      Test 2's test page cannot be accessed directly. Any traffic that visits Test 2's test page can only get to that page if they have first visited Test 1's test page.

      I would prefer that the two tests remain mutually exclusive from one another for cleaner data. So, in order to do that I must:

      1) Reduce the amount of traffic Test 1 is consuming. If Test 1 consumes all the traffic from its test page there won't be any traffic that hits Test 2's test page that hasn't already been subjected to Test 1. So, Test 1's traffic must be reduced in order to let some 'untainted traffic' flow through to Test 2's test page

      2) Set up an exclusion rule on Test 2 saying that all traffic that was subjected to Test 1 should be excluded from entering Test 2. The remaining traffic that has not been subjected to Test 1 will be entered into Test 2. 

      I believe those are the two steps that would need to be completed in order to have to 'clear lanes of untainted traffic' for both tests.

      Can this be done in Adobe Target?