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    Need to reference or use path location of a .js file, uploaded to Target Content library

    tehminac2778883 Level 1

      Hi Target Users

      We are redesigining the existing form page. The new form will be in a modal instead of a page. However the form fields and functionality of the form need to remian the same. So some form fields have validations; for which we .js functions. 

      We have a packaged code provided, that has front end code, back end code, css, html and .js files for the Test variation. 

      Now we have uploaded those .js files to the asset library and are appearing in Target content/offer library. 

      How do we refer the path of these .js files in the custom code section of the experience or how can we leverage these .js files in the html code of the form; which is added to the custom code section of the experience?