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    Is this the wrong Forum? (conversion q.)

      Hi, I posted a question
      here yesterday asking about how to convert a Flash animation into a YouTube-ready format (.avi, .mov, .wmp, .mpg), and haven't gotten any responses. I'm brand-new to both Flash and this website, and so I'm not sure how this all works. It could be that I just haven't waited long enough for a response, but I have no way to tell if that's the case. Would someone be able to tell me if I haven't gotten any answers because
      a) I didn't write my post correctly
      b) my problem is a very difficult one and nobody does know the answer
      c) I'm posting to the wrong forum
      d) none of the above?

      If I'm posting to the wrong forum (lots of the posts I've read here seem to be related to actionscript issues, and mine is definitely more graphics and rendering related), I'd like to know where is the appropriate place to ask for help.

      Any response would be greatly appreciated!

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          :::@::: Level 1
          Hi Gizmology
          this is the right place to ask, there's separate actionscript forum.
          Converting flash to video is tricky, I have tried it only once and the results were horrible. Maybe this thread will help you and you might share the results, because I'm curious too:

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            Walter Elias Level 2
            You might try Sothink's SWF to Video converter. Flash often is not very good about converting a Flash project to video format. Maybe they fixed it in CS4, but output to MOV or AVI can sometimes be buggy and inconsistent.

            I much prefer to use the program I mentioned. Output a SWF file, and then the SWF to Video program does a very good job in outputting to AVI, MPEG and a few other formats. You can download a 30-day trial here:

            SWF to Video Converter
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              i know this may be a "is your computer plugged in" reply but do you have the swf or the fla if you have the fla just export it as the desired file type if not use sothink or try looking up swf - mov or what ever file type you have in google you wont have to wait and you may get a fast way around.

              like i said if you have fla just export it out
              file>export>export movie
              then play with settings.
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                Gizmology Level 1
                Hi _E_,
                thanks so much for your response! I went to the page you linked and the best and worst thing about it was finding that I wasn't alone. It's a relief to know that you and others have been in the same boat, so it's a somewhat common problem, but it's also frustrating to find that there doesn't seem to be a simple solution. I don't know enough about the workings of Flash yet to be able to assess whether mk_1000's solution looks workable or not. It looks a bit complicated, but worth a try.

                My problem with it now is that I made this project as a test of the trial version of Flash CS3 -- my partner said he'd pay half if we were satisfied with the trial version, but my 30 free days just ran out today. So not only am I NOT satisfied with the results so far, I now have no program to try and fix this with. The only thing I can think of at this point is to convince someone else I know to download the trial and let me try to work it out on their machine. The whole thing almost makes me wish I'd never heard of Flash... or at least wish I'd never heard of Sarah Palin, who inspired my video. ;) Anyway I've got a couple of converters to try now, so I'll let you know how those work pretty soon... Thanks for pointing me to the related posts!

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                  Gizmology Level 1
                  It worked! You have no idea how happy and relieved I am! I've been going nuts trying to figure this out, and I've tried several converters for different kinds of files with absolutely dismal results. The Sothink SWF to Video Converter did it! It doesn't have a Mac version, but fortunately, my partner has a PC and he did it on his laptop and then we transferred the .avi file back to my Macbook for the YouTube upload. It's a little fuzzier than the original, and the synch is still a little off, but it's perfectly watchable and probably nobody cares but me that the mouths aren't exactly lipsynching right along with the music. Compared to the last attempt, which resulted in a twelve-frame slide show, this is a miracle. So much for Quicktime Pro -- a waste of $29.99 for this purpose -- I'm definitely going to spend my money at SoThink.

                  Anyway, if anyone wants the .swf-to-.avi results demo (& doesn't mind a little biased political humor), click this link:

                  The Rabbit Quartet's YouTube Debut!

                  So, _E_: looks like we've got a solution.
                  Thanks again, Walter!