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    Target Implementation using AT.js for Single Page Apps

    Sameer Khaladkar Level 1

      Hello All,

      I could use some advice from you to resolve the inconsistency in “Target Implementation using AT.js” on my single page application.

      I am using “adobe.target.ext.lib.js v0.2.1” configured using DTM.

      The implementation is done using Page Load Rule which fires at the start to set Target.

      My Problem is that the offer works fine almost always for the 1st time on the required pages. But if I revisit the page, offer does not appear even when I can see the offer in ttMeta.

      When I go back to previous page, refresh the page and revisit the page, then it appears to work.

      My Activities are based on Audiences from Custom Attribute, Data Layer Values and Analytics Segments spread across various pages.

      Here is the application link:


      If need more information, please advise.