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    Can't finde the format of the reportInterval option for the Target API



      Since the AB activity performance report is restricted to 100 days for daily resolution I have to split my API calls up in several intervals and merge the result manually afterwards.

      But the input format of the option reportInterval is not documented (or respectively I haven't found it yet). :(

      The API usually delivers time intervals as a string in the following format: 1477036800000-1477386000000

      But if I provide this format for the reportInterval the API call fails with the following error message:

      {"httpStatus":400,"requestId":"pVrZB7VcKx0Q9Vllz6KHrN9V2ty3rhy7","requestTime":"2016-10-25T08:54:30.852Z", "errors":[{"errorCode":"typeMismatch.activityPerformanceReportParameters.reportInterval","message":"wrong parameter value [1477036800000-1477386000000] for parameter [reportInterval];","meta":{"reportInterval":"1477036800000-1477386000000"}}]}

      What is the correct intervall format for this call?