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    Re-targeting users using profile script



      I'm trying to build a targeted experience on our Web site's home page for a very specific segment, and I'm having difficulty determining the best way to do it.  

      The segment is comprised of visitors who have subscribed to our e-newsletter, and who, based upon their demographics, are separated into two email lists (we have multiple email lists).

      I can identify these users based upon a tracking code we've appended to links in the email we send them.  The tracking code contains _FIP or _SRW, depending upon which list the user falls into.  

      The challenge is that these users are not directly referred to our site, but rather, visit our site after landing on our blog site, which is a sub-domain of our primary web site.

      I've previously tried using an audience rule where Previous page (or Landing Page) URL contains the _SRW or FIP parameters, but that doesn't appear to work correctly.  I've also tried adding the Referring Landing Page: URL equals (mysub-domain.com) to the rule without success.  

      I suspect this may be resolved using a profile script, but I don't know how to build that.  

      Any suggestions?