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    Increment counter for page views


      Hi All,

      I have to create an activity which displays user different offer based on user's visit to the particular page. For instance,

      Page View Count 1 to 3 - Offer 1

      Page View Count 4-7 - Offer 2 and so on.

      Is there any way to achieve this using profile scripting?

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          ParitMittal Level 5

          Hi Lalit,

          Yes, We can definitely achieve this using Target profile scripting. Please find below the sample code for same which increments the page view count in the profile itself :

          var nameofvar = user.getLocal("nameOfProfile") || 0; if(mbox.name =='target-global-mbox') { if (page.url.indexOf("pageURLorDomain") != -1) { nameofvar = nameofvar + 1; user.setLocal("nameOfProfile", nameofvar); } } return nameofvar;

          Thanks & Regards

          Parit Mittal

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            lalitd49698287 Level 1

            Thank You Parit. This is helpful.

            Also, I am trying to create a segment in Adobe Analytics using visit number & use that as market cloud audience. I created an experience using the segment as targeted audience. For example: if visit number is between 1 to 3 , user should see the experience. But I am not able to see personalized content. Could you please advise if there is anything that I am doing wrong? Also, the correct way to achieve this? My problem statement is basically to serve different content to user depending upon number of user visit.