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    New to Adobe Target

    m_1985 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to Adobe Target. I just learned on how to Add Adobe Target tool via DTM. And, it looks straight forward when we use DTM(Retrieval method: Automatic) to add Adobe Target similar to Adobe Marketing Cloud ID service. So, if i understand it correctly, once we add the tool in DTM, that's it on the tool configuration. And, the next step is to choose the place/location on the webpage to target the mbox rule(https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/t_target_example.html). Is that correct?

      My questions are - 

         -  For eg, if i want to include the subscribe button on the website those who were not yet subscribed the newsletter similar to this feature (http://www.cssflow.com/snippets/newsletter-sign-up-form/demo). To enable this feature on the website, can we include this HTML in the DTM page level rule? Any drawbacks?

      Any suggestion? thanks in advance