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    Which JS Library For New Target Standard Launch

    davidk4115132 Level 1

      New launch of Target Std has been rocky and I'm beginning to wonder if the at.js is ready for prime time.  I was instructed to use at.js and I have live on www.pbjtest.com; david.pbjtest.com and seta.pbjtest.com.  Deployed in common include file and verified all pages have the JS.  The only campaigns I can create via VCE (note had to turn off EEC) are for david.pbjtest.com, all other domains, which are listing in my Hosts section error out, and no one can explain why.  

      Is anyone using at.js or is this purely beta and mbox.js is the only way to fly?

      Also are any of there any debuggers working for at.js?  Can I use mboxTrace= or the Adobe Marketing Cloud Debugger. If using mboxTrace= do I need an authorization token and how do I generate one?

      Not the smooth launch I had expected.