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    search&promote facet flow expects json while seach is working with xml response

    asn_177 Level 1

      We are using search&promote for seach on our site.

      The usage is prettymuch inline with the OOTB searchpromote components in libs/cq/searchpromote path.

      We receive an XML from s&p server.

      We now are looking at having facets, I tried putting linklist facet on results page to get facets but it failed, so looking at logs and going through jar I noticed that facet component in its dialog calls a servlet (path+facetList.json) this servlet calls searchpromoteservice's get facetList method.

            String facetList = this.searchpromote.getFacetList(memberId, accountNo);
            JSONObject facets = new JSONObject(facetList);

      but it then tries to convert string response as JSON object and fails since the URL http://sp10050b5b.guided.ss-omtrdc.net/design/sp_id=MyID-MyAccount&sp_fn=facets results xml rsponse.

      Only changing this setting in search & promote to return json would suffice or I will have to make any other changes as well?