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    Backbone component functionalities are not working fine in Preview Mode, when target is enabled


      Hi team, 

      After enabling the Target in our AEM environment, our Backbone created component functionalities (like Click events...) stopped working. 

      Then, in one of your forum replies, it is mentioned to invoke TNT.createGlobalMbox() method after our backbone file.

      URLhttp://help-forums.adobe.com/content/adobeforums/en/target-forum/adobe-target.topic.html/f orum__r90w-hello_is_thereany.html

      We've included the below code at the bottom of our page:




      • Our Backbone components are working occasionally. Sometimes, it is working fine. Sometimes, it is not working.
      • The same page, when target mode is disabled, then our components are working fine. 
      • The components are rendered correctly, but events are not working fine. 

      Please help to resolve this issue, as this issue is blocking our work.