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    QA links in Target Standard


      I am looking for some troubleshooting tips when using the QA links in Target Standard. Once I build out a test and go to review the experience URLs I either don't see any of the changes I have made for the new experience or my homepage is flipped upside down. I created a very simple test of changing some content on the homepage and still received the same problems with the homepage. 

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        bhawkins1 Level 2

        Hi Liz, 

        It seems you may not have the most current mbox.js version for Adobe Standard in place but no worry at all.  Simply use the code below in an HTML offer with Target Classic and you will be all set:

        <style id="flickersuppression">
        "#primarynavigation_0_OuterRepeater_ctl02_liPrimaryNavigation     {visibility:hidden !important}

        <script type="text/javascript">
        (function($){var c=function(s,f){if($(s)[0]){try{f.apply($(s)[0])}catch(e){setTimeout(function(){c(s,f)},1 )}}else{setTimeout(function(){c(s,f)},1)}};if($.isReady){setTimeout("c=function(){}",100)} $.fn.elementOnLoad=function(f){c(this.selector,f)}})(jQuery);

        jQuery('#primarynavigation_0_OuterRepeater_ctl02_liPrimaryNavigation > .contains-sub').elementOnLoad(function(){

        $("#primarynavigation_0_OuterRepeater_ctl02_liPrimaryNavigation > .contains-sub").replaceWith("<a href=\"/us/en/support/manuals\" class=\"contains-sub slide\">\n                Manuals &amp; Parts\n            </a>");