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    Smart card and Flex

      I would like to find hints, tutorials, whatever about a way to implement user login with smart card in a Flex application.

      I'm in the early stages of design for an application to be used for scientific research purposes. One of the goals I would like to achieve is to give users a personal smart card to be used for login. This application is developed with Flex 3 and PHP/MySQL (we use the Zend Studio 6.1 with Flex 3 plugin, absolutely amazing); is there a way to make Flex interact with the smart card reader?

      To have a smart card reader would be an important step in developing the application, you may say :-)

      Well, what smart card reader/writer do you recommend for the development stages? And a smart card reader-only to be used when the application is deployed? USB units would be the best choice, I suppose.

      Thank you for your help!!! :-)