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    Maintaining referring URL parameters when using Adobe Target Classic Redirect Offer.

    Rik McNicoll

      Hi everyone


      I have a question about including the referring URL parameters when using an Adobe Target Classic Redirect Offer.


      I’m testing a redirect offer and have checked the option to include the referring url.  The problem is that when the referring parameter values are passed our colon symbols are being expressed as  %3A.  Is there a setting that we can use that would keep the : instead of the %3A?  Note that we often also switch from one subdomain to another as our test content is on a different Content Management System.


      Example control URL


      http://www.morethan.com/pet-insurance-quote?utm_campaign=PPC:PET:Brand:Google&gclid=ABC123 &gclsrc=aw.ds


      Example redirect destination with : to %3A replaced


      http://beta.morethan.com/landingpage-test?utm_campaign=PPC%3APET%3ABrand%3A Google&gclid=ABC123&gclsrc=aw.ds


      Any ideas or tips that I can try? Maybe there’s a config setting that I’m missing?