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    Troubleshoot problems with the Visual Experience Composer in Adobe Target

    Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

      Display problems sometimes occur in the Visual Experience Composer under certain conditions.

      My page does not display in the Visual Experience Composer.

      • The browser is not supported.
      • The browser is blocking a non-secure page on a secure site.

        Click the icon to the left of the URL in the browser address bar and click Disable protection on this page

      • You entered an invalid URL.
      • The URL is not public (firewall issue).
      • You have not entered a default URL in your account setup page.

      The Enhanced Visual Experience Composer won't load on secure pages on my site.

      This can be resolved by whitelisting the following IP addresses. These IP addresses are for Adobe's server used for the Enhanced Experience Composer proxy. They are only required for activity editing. Visitors to your site do not need these IP addresses whitelisted.


      When I try to edit a page, all I see is a spinner instead of my page.

      This can happen if the URL contains a # character. To fix the issue, switch into Browse mode in the Visual Experience Composer, and then switch back to Compose mode. The spinner should go away and the page should load.

      See the troubleshooting doc for more use cases.