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    Questions with setting up Recommendations and Email

    stevemalko Level 1


      I am trying to figure out configuration for setting up "rawboxes" with emails. I've been reading the 1 pager Adobe has, but it just leaves me with a bunch of questions that I was hoping someone can answer.

      1) I understand a URL needs to be called out from the ESP - but where exactly does that happen? Do I just hand the URL to the ESP and expect them to know how to use it? Or do I have to integrate it onto the email HTML somehow (like an Ajax call).

      2) The URL paramters:

          - mbox = the div id in the HTML? do I need to inject an mboxUpdate function as well?

          - mBoxPC / mBoxSession = do I need to come up with values for this? or does the ESP generate them dynamically?

          - entity.id = I believe i need to provide this to the ESP to inject

          - mboxDefault / mboxHost : what is the purpose of these?

      3) Do I need to inject any javascript into the body of the email? mboxCreate? mboxUpdate? I am just trying to understand how the content gets plugged into the container.

      Thank you for your help!