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    MBOx always picks the value from the last seen offer rather than the PCCD

    samikshaa52553031 Level 1

      hi ,

      I am using the Target API service call ( AJAX way) to set the PCCD values in the target for a user .( pls see the link below: ) 

      The values get updated in run time , however when I try to fetch the offer using the mbox3rdPartyId in the targetPathParams {} method and global mbox. The mbox somehow gives preference to the last seen offer, rather than the correct PCCD values based on the visitorId. 

      Is there a way to override this behaviour of mbox?

      Attaching the file where i do the AJAX call to target and the PCCD fetch.

      Thanking you in Anticipation,

      Samiksha Anvekar.