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    Subdomain and top level domain – no request to load the mbox executed


      Hi all, 

      I encountered a strange issue and wondered if someone over here can help me out.

      -    Target is implemented on the website using DTM
      -    Target is not implemented using a tool but it’s a sequential js script in a page load rule.
      -    DTM fires the load rule (works correctly)
      -    The mbox is loaded on the sub domain
      -    When the visitor goes to the TLD (top level domain), the mbox is loaded (Target is loaded and the mbox request is executed)
      -    The visitor goes back to the subdomain.

       - The load rule is executed in DTM

      But – the mbox is not loaded, also the mbox request is not excecuted!
      Anyone any idea or did someone experienced the same and can help me out?