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    Adobe Summit Sessions and Labs for Adobe Target

    Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

      Go to the Adobe Summit website to check some of the valuable Adobe Target Sessions and Adobe Target Labs:

      Few of the topics covered in these sessions were:

      • L321 Target everywhere: Power experiences across IoT using Adobe Target APIs

        Learn how to deliver personalization and targeting to any internet-connected device, such as a kiosk, TV screen, or in-store digital signage. Get hands-on with the APIs and explore how to manage a cross-channel use case, including managing audience across channels using user profile data and third-party IDs.

      • L307 Adobe Target A/B testing, automated personalization, and recommendations

        Learn to create an optimization activity in minutes and deliver targeted automated personalization content using the new Adobe Target interface. Focus on transitioning your optimization program with Target Premium.

      • S351 Algorithmic techniques for personalization in Adobe Target

        Dig deep into the structure of how Adobe Target works. Learn about the Bayesian modeling behind auto-allocate, the machine learning that propels automated personalization, and the powerful algorithms that drive recommendations.

      • L302 Integrate AEM with Analytics, Target, and DTM

        Step through the process to set up the latest AEM integrations with Adobe Analytics, Target, and Dynamic Tag Management.

      • L327 Optimizing your mobile apps with the Mobile SDK, Adobe Analytics, and Target

        Implement the Adobe Mobile SDK in your app and enable Adobe Target. Optimize onboarding, monetize your mobile efforts, and re-engage your users with A/B testing and experience targeting.

      • L316 Superpowers for your site and single page app: the new Adobe Target library

        Get the most up-to-date information on how this new library will make your website faster and safer, while offering the best-in-market support for single page apps.