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    Best way to handle your control in "Continuous Landing Page Optimization Process" (beware, technical! ;)

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      I'm starting a process of doing a lot of Landing Page Optimizations and wanted to know what would be the best way to handle the numerous forthcoming LP iterations. Hope that it'll help others too.

      I'll tell you our plan and ask questions later, fine with you?

      Main traffic will come from SEM and I'm using Adobe Target Standard.  CMS is AEM.
      First step: We'll try 3 different layouts and see which one works best for each specific big segments.
      Second step: In each layout/segments, we'll start comparing elements (copy images) to gain valuable insights for our segments and even create segment subdivision and test them afterward. This step will be repeated for a lot of tests to come.

      Bear in mind that all the testing steps for each segments could start at different times since the needed confidence level of each one can be reached anytime. The following test will not wait until the tests for all the segments has reached their confidence level. Knowing that, I understand that I will never be able to recode a new winning control in my CMS since the winner for each segment could maybe not be the same.

      Now the question:
      How to manage the content to be shown for all the segments? 
      - Do I put all of the content blocks in one page in my CMS and only show the relevant parts for this or that segments? (big loading time and flickering problems to come, I assume)
      - OR I put all my content blocks in Adobe Target's HTML offers and swap offers for each segments (so the authors would need to go and write/upload assets in Target).

      Well, I'll start with that only question. That's already a long post! ;)

      Thanks for your help.