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    Mbox Global Issue



      I've been trying to update a link in a global mbox but get this warning from Adobe Target: 

      "edited content has documente.write or mboxCreate invocations. Delivered content won't apply as expected" 


      this is the javascript code that i've been trying to apply the changes : 

      <div class="mboxdefault">
      <div onclick="location.href='http://THE URL/?s_cid=hp-hero'" style=" left: 230px; width: 690px; position: absolute; float: right; padding: 13px 15px 15px 0px; cursor: pointer; height: 280px;"></div>

      pleas note that this note is in the code : 

      <!-- NOTE: Please do not remove the '?s_cid=hp-hero' from the end of the URL regardless of what the link is. -->


      there is already a page that works exactly with this structure but as soon as i want to change the link, it doesn't work. 

      Any suggestion?