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    Deployment of Adobe Target via DTM

    Jakub Drhlik Level 1

      Hi all,

      we are thinking of purchasing the Target platform as we believe in it's great function for us. On that note I have come cross this article featuring the enablement via DTM. It seems unbelievable easy. Is it really that easy or there a catch?




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        We use DTM to fire mbox.js library file as well as global mbox throughout our website. We are also using DTM rules to fire event-specific mbox, conversion mbox etc..Once you understand how DTM works, a developer can easily build the codes in DTM to fire mboxes anywhere on the page and can add as many conditions as you want.

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          Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

          Hi There,

          Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

          Yes, the procedure to add Target as a tool within DTM is pretty easy. You just have to mention your Client code and DTM can manage you mbox.js as well.

          See this doc for a better understanding on adding Target in DTM. https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/target.html and this doc https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/t_target_example.html for adding an Mbox rule.

          Hope this helps!


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            Jakub Drhlik Level 1

            thank you very much guys. Much appreciate it. We are also getting AEM and I am a bit confused now whether we need to integrate the Target thought the AEM or just the DTM. I do want to keep the Target in hands of our front end dev and marketers.


            We are planning to be able to serve different pages (modules) prepared in EAM - not only changing HTML and CSS. So the question I have, will I be able to serve different modules of AEM if the Target is enabled through the DTM?